25 November 2011, Friday, 13:51

Collectability of taxes in Bashkortostan increased by more than 20%

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

The corporate profit tax provided for almost a half of tax intakes into the budget RB. For nine months of the year its share in the overall volume of intakes into the Republican exchequer made up 47%.

“The fact that the corporate profit tax plays the prevalent role in the overall structure of tax intakes into the territorial budget, demonstrates the present state of our economics and its economic agents of all forms of property” — the head of the Federal Tax Service in Bashkortostan Marat Vakhitov mentioned today, talking to the journalists — “The share of the personal income tax amounts to 26,5% and the share of property tax is also rather high – more than 13%”.

As Marat Vakhitov reported, the overall sum of taxes and other obligatory payments, collected by the Federal Tax Service in Bashkortostan, made up almost 147 million rubles – by 21,6% more than for the same period of time in 2010.

themes: taxes, budget