25 November 2011, Friday, 11:10

A field gathering of the Council for health protection is held in Bashkortostan

author: Ludmila Ternovaya

A field gathering of the Republican Council for health protection started in Bashkortostan. In 2011 it is held in the northeast of the Republic – in Duvansky, Belokataisky, Kiginsky, Mechetlinsky and Salavatsky regions and heads of town and regional administrations, medical institutions and leading specialists of the Republican health protection sphere are taking part in it. The problems of health protection modernization and informatization, peopleware, the rise of accessibility and improvement of quality of medical aid for population and strengthening of the material and technical base of health protection sphere will be under discussion at the forum.

In the first half of the day the participants of the gathering are becoming acquainted with work of three interregional medical objects, functioning under  the central clinical hospital of Duvansky region in the village Mesyagutovo – the health center for children, the interregional ambulatory oncological center and the dialysis center. The centers are located in two buildings on the first floors. The first two institutions were opened after major repair and the dialysis center was opened for the patients for the first time. All three centers were equipped at the expense of the Republican budget: more than 1,5 million rubles was spent for the center for children and 18 million – for the oncological center. The chief doctor of the central clinical hospital Valerie Trofimov says the proper functioning of all three centers is of paramount importance for the whole northeast of the Republic. Thus, the center for children is still the only one such medical institution in this region and at present time it serves 40 small patients daily.