24 November 2011, Thursday, 11:58

One liter of alcohol in Bashkiria will cost 300 rubles in 2012

author: Rasul Khamidullin

The prices for alcohol and cigarettes are going up in Russia. One of the latest amendments to the Tax Code of Russia provides for the priority growth rates of the excises for filtered cigarettes, cigarettes without filter and Russian cigarettes (with cardboard mouthpiece) – more than 3 times in 2011-2014.

At present time the excises for one pack of cigarettes in the country make up less than two rubles for cigarettes without filter and less than four rubles for filtered cigarettes and these excises go up just slightly.

As for the alcohol, the average cost of one liter of it makes up 231 rubles now, the state committee for trade and consumer right protection RB reported to the news agency “Bashinform”. In 2012 this price will rise up to 254 rubles and beginning from July 1, 2012 – up to 300 rubles. The alcohol-containing products will rise in price from 230 to 270 rubles and beer will become more expensive from 10 to 12 rubles for one liter.

At the same time cigarettes in Bashkiria cost from 460 rubles for one thousand. In 2012 one thousand of cigarettes will cost from 510 rubles and beginning from July 1, 2012 — from 730 rubles. If taking into account that the average price of one pack of cigarettes in the shops of Bashkiria is equal to 15 rubles for today, in 2012 it can reach 23,8 rubles.

themes: prices, excises