21 November 2011, Monday, 18:04

Scientific-practical conference, devoted to Gabdulla Tukay, has taken place in Istanbul

author: Alim Faizov

The scientific-practical conference, devoted to the great Tatar poet Gabdulla Tukay, has taken place in Istanbul last Friday, the news agency “Tatar-Inform” reports. The conference was organized by the Center for investigation of Islamic history, culture and art – IRCIKA, which headquarters were located in Istanbul.

Gabdulla Tukay remains not only the great Tatar poet. Great number of Turk nations consider him their own poet. Gabdulla Tukay has exerted great influence on development of Bashkir literature. It is known that he was deeply interested in Bashkir poetry, finding inspiration in Bashkir songs and melodies. The 100th anniversary of Tukay's visit to Ufa will be celebrated in spring 2012. The friendship between two great poets – Gabdulla Tukay and the Bashkir classic Majit Gafuri – remains a well-known historical fact, uniting and making our two brotherly nations closer. Ufa authority intends to place the monument of Gabdulla Tukay in the city in front of the State Tatar Theater “NUR”.