18 November 2011, Friday, 16:18

Budget surplus in Bashkortostan exceeded 15 billion rubles

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

The consolidated budget of Bashkortostan is executed with the surplus more than 15 billion rubles. The revenues of the Republican exchequer made up 113 billion 760 million rubles and expenses – 98 billion 655 million. As compared with 2010 both showings are higher by 13,3 and 11,1% correspondingly.

Corporate and personal income taxes are the main sources of incomes. Jointly these taxes provided for almost 60% of the intakes – 27 billion 442,6 million and 25 billion 879,8 million rubles correspondingly.

The revenues from the use of the state property made up 8 billion 841,1 million rubles, at that going down by 8% and the amount of the gratuitous intakes increased by 7,5%, reaching 23 billion 399,5 million rubles.

The social constituent in the structure of budget expenses exceeds 74% and at that almost one third of this sum is directed to wages of public and municipal employees.

For ten months 2011 the budget RB is executed in the sum of 92 billion 625,5 million rubles in revenues – by 14,3% more than for the same period of time in 2010. The budget expenses amounted to 80 billion 83,3 million rubles (+11,8%).

The incomes of local budget increased by 16,8% as compared with 2010 – 47 billion 886,4 million rubles and expenses increased by 16,6% — 45 billion 323,6 million rubles.

themes: budget, taxes