18 November 2011, Friday, 10:46

Early voting at State Duma elections started in the country

author: Marina Shumilova

The early voting in hard-to-access and remote territories starts at the State Duma elections on November 18 and the Central Election Committee of Russia reports such voting will take place in 34 Russian regions. It is organized in order every Russian citizen had a chance to use his elective franchise in accordance with the law. Nomadic deer-breeders, light-house keepers, polar explorers and shift workers can't get the election stations on December 4 on the election day, so the members of the regional and district elections stations go to them themselves, using helicopters, snowmobiles, horses and deers for that. Early voting is considered one of the most labor-intensive and expensive procedures in election campaigns.

The early voting will last till December 3 and it will be organized for Russia voters in foreign countries too. Yesterday the Central Election Committee of Russia approved such voting in more than 60 countries. In particular all Russian voters may vote ahead of schedule in 13 countries of the East and the Russian Central Election Committee explains that in Islamic countries Sunday is not the day off and in the majority of these countries Russians will vote on December 2 and only in Kuwait – on December 3. In total complexity 376 election stations in 146 countries will be opened for Russian voters during the State Duma elections.

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