17 November 2011, Thursday, 16:29

Beginning from 2012 insurance payments in Russia will depend upon conditions of workplaces

author: Galina Bakshieva

Beginning from the next year the so-called “humpbacked” scale of insurance fees for safe work conditions will start working in Russia and, as the deputy Prime-Minister of the Government RB Fidus Yamaltdinov reported today, meeting the journalists, there will be no averaging anymore and the insurance fees will be calculated, taking the condition of an employee's workplace into account.

Simply speaking, if the workplace doesn't meet the today's requirements, the employer has to pay more but if the workplace is in normal condition, the sum of the insurance fees goes down.

“The matter is not the desire just to collect money. The sum of money, collected according to this item in the Social Insurance Fund's budget amounts to more than 300 million rubles for today and it would be at least unwise to sit and guess to what extent the sums of insurance fees can increase after implementation of the “humpbacked” scale, which is still being worked up but I  know precisely that after this system is launched the desire of employers to attest his workplaces, to get the corresponding certificate and, as a result, to pay less will be as quick as possible. Our final goal is not just the collection of money but making the workplaces for workers and employees safer and more comfortable” — the Vice-Premier underscored.