14 November 2011, Monday, 14:18

Bashkir transport workers prepare themselves to take part in the all-Russian forum for human resources

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

The all-Russian conference “Manpower policy” will take place in Saint-Petersburg on December 15-16. This is a traditional forum, where its participants can discuss actual problems of staffing for transport branch. All discussions are divided into separate kinds of transport: air, maritim, river, railway and motor-car transport.

The conference is held within the frames of “United Russia” project “Saint-Petersburg is the naval capital of Russia” and more than 400 delegates from all Russian regions expected to take part in it. The state committee for transport and road economy RB will present Republic of Bashkortostan and the head of the committee Ilyas Munirov patronizes this project in the Republic.

Representatives of transport organizations and enterprises, education institutions, business and public communities and trade-unions are invited too.