11 November 2011, Friday, 10:17

The bank of job vacancies in Bashkiria increased 1,7 times

author: Galina Bakshieva

The situation with filling of the bank of vacancies has noticeably become better in the Republic, as compared with the beginning of the year. The State Population Employment Service in RB reports the number of free workplaces increased 1,7 times, making up almost 33 thousand in the beginning of November. Correspondingly the coefficient of intensity in the local labor market or the ratio between the number of unemployed people and the number of vacancies dropped from 2,1 to 0,9.

The share of vacancies on work professions is still high in the Republic – more than 80% at present time and at that 78% offer salaries higher than the subsistence wage.

Such professions as concrete worker, fitter, bricklayer, plasterer, house-painter and plumber are the most demanded professions in the labor market as well as metal turners, milling machine operators, mechanization experts, sellers, doctors, medical nurses and livestock specialists.