10 November 2011, Thursday, 10:22

JSC “Soda” celebrates the 60th anniversary of soda ash production

author: Sergey Zakharov

The first 17 tons of soda ash were produced by the plant on November 10, 1951. At present time JSC “Soda” is considered the biggest producer of soda ash in the country and the only producer of baking soda in Russia, holding the seventh place in the world rate.

The main plant's output – soda ash – is considered a strategic staff, used by many other branches of industry.

The company's policy is aimed at perfection of managerial processes, modernization of equipment and technologies and at considerate attitude to environment.

For efficient development and maintaining of the plant's competitive ability JSC “Soda” develops several investment programs.

JSC “Soda” is rewarded with the “high quality enterprise certificate” and its wares are found in the list of “100 best Russian products”.

“High showings in production of soda ash allow the enterprise meeting the generally accepted standards for dynamically developing modern companies” — the executive director of JSC “Soda” Sergey Lobastov thinks.

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