09 November 2011, Wednesday, 17:46

More than 7 thousand young families in Bashkortostan can improve their living conditions

author: Rasul Khamidullin

Bashkortostan actively supports young families and the state backing includes preferential credits for housing acquisition, social payments and subsidies in case of child birth, the Minister for economic development RB Eugene Mavrin reported today in the course of the online conference, held by “The Public Electronic Newspaper”.

“For the last seven years since the moment of the beginning of the program for support of young families 12 thousand couples in the Republic have been supported by the state in this or that form” — he said — “Mainly these were the social preferences and the Republican budget has spent 1,8 billion rubles for that”.

According to M-r Mavrin the program will be continued and beginning from the next year the state committee RB for building and architecture will be engaged in house-building for young families.

“During four years about 7,5 thousand families in Bashkortostan may pretend to the state backing” — Eugene Mavrin stated.