08 November 2011, Tuesday, 12:23

The forum, devoted to the results of the Year for consolidation of international harmony, to be held in Ufa

author: Ludmila Ternovaya

The all-Russian conference “Russia and its region in search for public unity and international harmony” will take place in Ufa on November 10 and it is devoted to sizing up of the Year for consolidation of international harmony in Republic of Bashkortostan. State and public activists and scientists from 25 Russian regions and from CIS will take part in its work.

Participants of the conference will discuss the actual problems on formation of the Russian nation, consolidation of international and ethnic-confessional harmony and the questions, found in the sphere of modern  national policy. The historical experience and modern solutions of inter-ethnic and inter-confessional problems in the world, Russia and Bashkortostan will be under consideration in particular. Special attention will be paid to the problems in conducting of the state manpower policy in poly-ethnic regions of Russia.

The program of the forum also includes three sectional gatherings: “Russian regions on the present stage: peculiarities and models in ethnic-national development”, “The historical experience of foreign countries, Russia and its regions in solution of the problems of inter-ethnic and inter-confessional interaction” and “The state manpower policy and the aims for consolidation of public unity and international harmony in Russian regions”. The materials of the conference will be published later.

themes: conferences