08 November 2011, Tuesday, 11:04

Bashkir diaspora of Latvia has taken part in Kurban-Bayram

author: Timur Rakhmatullin

The representatives of Bashkir community in Latvia have taken part in the holiday of Kurban-Bayram (Id al-Adkha), the representative of Bashkortostan's committee for UNESCO Affairs in the Baltic region Rina Khamitova reported to the news agency “Bashinform”.

The hall of the Latvia's Association of national-cultural societies has become one of the sites in Riga, where the solemn ceremonies were held. About 70 representatives of the national Bashkir and Tatar communities of Riga have taken part in the festival: the association of compatriots “The Bashkir Congress of Latvia”, the Tatar community “IDEL”, the Riga's Muslim community “IDEL”, the Baltic international center “Salavat Ulaev” and the society of Halal foods producers “Halal Latvia”.

The imam of the Riga's Muslim community “IDEL” Midhat Satdanov has headed the public festival and read the festive Muslim prayer before the comers.