31 October 2011, Monday, 10:55

The ranking order of political parties in bulletins is determined

author: Marina Shumilova

The casting of lots of the political parties in bulletins at the forthcoming State Duma elections is determined by the Central Election Committee of Russia. As a result, the following ranking order for seven political parties in the bulletins was approved:

1. the political party “Fair Russia”

2. the political party “The Liberal-democratic party of Russia” (LDPR)

3. the political party “The Patriots of Russia”

4. the political party “The Communist party of Russian Federation” (CPRF)

5. The political party “The Russian united democratic party “The Apple”

6. the all-Russian political party “United Russia”

7. the all-Russian political party “Just Cause”

The casting of lots determined not only the ranking order of the parties in the bulletins but also the order of of placement of the information about every party on the informational stands, which are to be installed at every election station, RIA “NOVOSTI” sites the secretary of the Russian Central Election Committee Nikolai Konkin.

themes: elections