28 October 2011, Friday, 15:50

At least 150 businessmen will receive start-up in Bashkortostan in 2011

author: Galina Bakshieva

Beginning from the next year the grants to the beginning businessmen will be allocated on the terms of shared sponsorship of the expenses for the first payment, when signing lease contracts, and the amount of state backing will be not more than one million rubles per every businessman.

75 million rubles was allocated in the Republic for  the “start-up” program, including 60 million of the federal means. At present time 103 beginning businessmen have received state backing according to the “start-up” program, including seven earlier unemployed people.

“Till the end of the year at least 103 businessmen may figure on the “start-up” backing from the federal budget” — the chairman of the state business undertakings and tourism committee RB Ruslan Kinzikeev reported.

360 million rubles was allocated for the program for development of small and medium business undertakings in Bashkortostan in 2011 by the federal and the Republican budgets in a whole. It will help to render direct financial assistance to more than 700 businessmen and to open at least 600 new workplaces.

For the reference: On July 1, 2011, there were more than 136 thousand subjects of small and medium business undertakings in Bashkortostan, involved practically in all spheres of economic activity in the Republic. At present time more than one third of economically active population in Bashkortostan is engaged in business activity.