27 October 2011, Thursday, 15:07

Bashkir young people may participate in the contest “Russian Volunteer-2011”

author: Galina Bakshieva

Citizens of the Republic, at the age between 18 and 30, may take part in the interregional contest “Russian Volunteer-2011”, initiated by the Ministry of culture and youth politics, the Ministry of physical training and sport and by the youth organization “The Vector of Friendship” in Perm region.

The contest is aimed at opening of an interregional site for cooperation and exchange of experience between active representatives of the volunteer movement, at formation of high status of the volunteer movement through advancement of successful social ideas of volunteers.

The contest will contribute to popularization of successful social technologies, to development of interregional cooperation between the participants of the volunteer movement in Russia, encouraging the most active participants in Russian regions, and to formation of the mechanisms for administrative, informational and financial support of efficient social technologies.

Representatives of federal ministries, leading specialists in volunteer movement in the country, well-known public and political activists, sportsmen and representatives of the committees for holding the Student Games-2013 in Kazan and the Winter Olympic Games-2014 in Sochi will become experts and VIP-guests of the contest.

The press-service of the Ministry of labor and population social protection RB reports the applications for participation in the contest will be accepted on the site www.dobrovolec-rf.ru till November 16.

The final stage of the interregional contest “Russian Volunteer-2011” will take place in Perm on November 27 – December 2 and not more 100 people may take part in it.