26 October 2011, Wednesday, 17:01

Pilgrims from Bashkortostan left for the Peak of Athos

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The Christian believers from Bashkortostan went on pilgrimage to the Holy Peak of Athos to the east of Greece. The trip is organized by the Ufa Eparchy's pilgrimage service and will last till November 2.

All Christian believers consider Athos as one of four Godmother's principalities – the holy lands, found under Her special patronage. Along with Athos Iberia in Georgia, Kiev-Pecherskaya Laura and Seraph-Dievsky Monastery in Russia are considered such principalities. The Godmother's Belt, kept in Athos, is considered the main sacred object and according to the legends it had once belonged to Virgin Mary.

themes: religion