26 October 2011, Wednesday, 15:48

«Megaphone” started commercial exploitation of the unique internet-service “Video Monitoring”

author: Galina Bakshieva

The company “Megaphone” launched the unique internet-service “Video Monitoring” on the whole territory of Russia. This service will be useful for all people, interested in remote control over their apartments and property. Besides, one can monitor children, work of a nurse, repair works and domestic animals, so now one can watch the house and the kids any time and at any distance.

All you need is the web-camera with PC or standard IP-camera and mobile phone. One may watch the picture from the camera both on a computer or on the phone's screen.

The data is transferred through the secret HTPPS protocol, ensuring the additional information protection. Besides, the additional information protection functions are introduced on the user's level. So, if the computer registers inactivity on the site during five minutes, the monitoring mode will be closed. Other words, of you leave the site with the opened monitoring mode idle, it will automatically shutdown in five minutes. The designers say the video monitoring service is the practical example of “cloud” technologies, oriented towards everyday people's needs.

More detailed information about new service is available on the site of the company “Megaphone” (www.megaphone.ru).