26 October 2011, Wednesday, 12:06

Bashkir agrarians will work with purveyors of foreign equipment without mediators

author: Galya Nabieva

The representatives of the biggest German companies offer direct cooperation without attraction of the third parties to the Republican agrarians. The matter is the deliveries of equipment, meant for cattle slaughter, meat processing and fish farming. The variants of joint cooperation were under discussion in the course of the meeting, held by the Ministry of agriculture RB yesterday, where the heads of the Republican agricultural companies and representatives of the German companies “EMF Lebensmitteltechnik-Anlagenbau GMBH” and “Strube-Russ” were setting their positions in this question forth.

Since big sectoral programs for development of milk and meat cattle-breeding are found under development in the Republic, the equipment for small farms can become very useful for Bashkir producers and German colleagues are ready to help them.

The opportunities in cooperation for cultivation of rape and sugar beet were also discussed in the course of the meeting, the press-service of the Ministry of agriculture RB reports. Especially as the company “Strube-Russ”, specializing in selection, production and sales of seeds of sugar beet and sunflower, rye, wheat and rape, is already familiar to the Bashkir agrarians.