24 October 2011, Monday, 17:08

Exhibition of wooden sculptures is held at the art gallery “Ural”

author: Julia Antipina

Vladimir Ponomarev, a painter fr om Sibay, presents his personal exposition at the art gallery “Ural”, Ufa. It consists of more than 120 unique wooden sculptures and panels, made in various years. A part of his works is found in private collections and demonstrated for the first time. The exhibition consists of several big thematic cycles, concerned with ardors and milestones of the painter. Thus, the works, devoted to defenders of the Motherland – from the ancient times and till the heroes of the Great Patriotic War – form the larger part of the exposition.

The series “My Brownies” sends back to the Slavic myths  and the motives of the cycle “Forest Fairy Tale” were cast by nature. One more cycle is devoted to the nature of the Far North, wh ere the painter was staying during 25 years.

Vladimir Ponomarev applies various timber to his sculptures, using lime tree, oak, elm tree, yew tree and even the grapevine root. The master often goes to the North Caucasus, searching for the rare and having complex texture materials.

themes: exhibitions