24 October 2011, Monday, 10:44

Federal channel has made a video about “sober villages” in Bashkortostan

author: Timur Rakhmatullin

Journalists of the TV-program “In the Focus of Events with Anna Prokhorova” of the federal TV-channel “TVS”were staying in Bashkortostan during two days to shoot a video about “sober villages” in one of Bashkir regions.

The co-chairman of the regional public movement “Sober Bashkortostan” Renat Zainullin reports the guests fr om Moscow were interested in the unique for Russia public contest “Sober Village-2011” as well as in life and traditions of Bashkir nation. “Temperance is the natural state of the villagers” — he mentioned — “And the evidences to that were registered by the camera”.

The journalists have also shot the meeting of the contest's steering committee “Sober Village-2011” in Ufa, wh ere the preliminary results of the contest were summed up.

As the “TVS” journalists said, “great number of events occur every week in the world – and not only in high spheres of politics and business. Many of these events, which weren't included into the newscasts, can become interesting and useful for TV-watchers”, so it was decided to show Russians the unique contest, held in Bashkortostan.

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