23 October 2011, Sunday, 13:10

Republican TV festival-marathon of national cultures is declared over

author: Timur Rakhmatullin

The Republican TV festival-marathon of national cultures was declared over in the village Bolsheustikinskoe, Mechetlinsky region of Bashkortostan, yesterday. The festival was devoted to the Year for consolidation of international accord in Bashkortostan and amateur folk bands fr om five regions of the northeast RB – Belokataisky, Duvansky, Kiginsky, Mechetlinsky and Salavatsky – were taking part in it.

The citizens of Mechetlinsky region have prepared a picturesque show, demonstrating friendship and unity of the nations, inhabiting the region. Representatives of 14 nationalities in their national clothes have taken part in the parade of nations. Here their national yards, wh ere one might taste the dishes of various national cookeries, were working too.

The folk bands presented their performances. The best ones were chosen for participation in the final gala-show in Ufa.