21 October 2011, Friday, 15:02

New microbiological laboratory is built up at “IMMUNOPREPARAT”

author: Galya Nabieva, Guzelle Usupova | photo: Raif Badykov

A new microbiological laboratory is erected at the state unitary enterprise “IMMUNOPREPARAT”. The innovational complex for the enterprise's quality department is erected in Ufa in full concordance with the international GMP standards.

The laboratory will be located on the territory of the workshop N7. All building materials, used here, meet the requirements of pharmaceutic industry: they are aesthetic, ensure hermeticity of the facilities, don't let microparticles in, exclude accumulation of static electricity and resistant to disinfectants.

In accordance with the European standards the laboratory's workrooms will be connected with special locks. The laboratory will be supplied with the high-tech equipment, filters for disinfection of air and surfaces and with the intercoms. Strictly determined parameters of micro-climate will be maintained inside.

New laboratory is called to raise the quality control over the medicines and preparations, manufactured in Bashkortostan.