20 October 2011, Thursday, 10:32

The first forum of mothers has taken place in Kumertau

author: Marina Shumilova

The first forum of mothers has taken place in the town of Kumertau, Bashkortostan, and heads of local institutions and enterprises, pedagogues and medics were taking part in its work. Before the beginning of the forum the consulting center worked for its participants and specialists of the center consulted the women on various legal questions and the questions concerning protection of motherhood and childhood.

“The role of the woman-mother, the keeper of a family hearth was considered of paramount importance in all times” — the head of Kumertau administration Boris Belyaev said, welcoming the participants of the forum — “Birth and child-rearing make up the essence of our life as continuation of the mankind”.

Actual problems, concerned with the state and municipal policy in sphere of family, motherhood and childhood, protection of woman's health and child-rearing in families with many kids and foster families, were under discussion in the course of the forum.