18 October 2011, Tuesday, 14:59

Jubilee of Miftahetdin Akmullah to be celebrated in Chelyabinsk region

author: Timur Rakhmatullin

The festival “Akmullah's Golden Autumn”, devoted to the 180th anniversary of the prominent Bashkir poet, enlightener, philosopher and religious activist Miftahetdin Akmullah, will take place in the town of Miass, Chelyabinsk region, on October 22. It is initiated by the Bashkir community in Chelyabinsk region, the Ministry of culture of Chelyabinsk region and by Miass administration, the press-secretary of Chelyabinsk Bashkir Kurultay (Congress) Alina Zaripova reported to “Bashinform”.

The literary readings will take place this day in the town. Bashkir poets and writers and the members of the literary community by M. Akmullah in Chelyabinsk region will read the best works of the poet and will discuss his art and spiritual heritage for Bashkir nation.