17 October 2011, Monday, 18:29

Activists of Ufa: “Money, obtained from sales of the Bashkir fuel-energy complex, should be spent for the needs of the Republic”

author: Timur Rakhmatullin

The action for collection of signatures for the charitable fund “Ural” has taken place on Monday, October 17, on the Soviet Square of Ufa.

As one of the action's initiators – Ivan Katanaev – said to “Bashinform”, the participants of the action demand that the money obtained from sales of the Bashkir fuel-energy complex, have to be spent for maintenance of the Republican social infrastructure.

“Our goal is to return this money back to the Republican budget, working for the good of the whole population and every citizen RB” — he stated

According to Ivan Katanaev the group of young activists has invented the special form of appeal and the signatures of Bashkir citizens, supporting this idea, will be collected under this appeal. After that the appeal will be sent to the fund “Ural” and to the address of the President RB, the Government and public organizations of Bashkortostan. The idea has arisen more than six months ago. Since then it was widely discussed in internet.

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