17 October 2011, Monday, 11:41

Films of documentary film makers from Ufa to be demonstrated in Moscow on October 18

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

The international documentaries festival “The Profession is Journalist” started in Moscow today and representatives of Bashkortostan will compete for the victory in the contest's program.

In total complexity 45 Russian and foreign documentaries will be demonstrated within the frames of the forum. 28 films, made mainly by the Russian film makers, will take part in the contest's program, which includes the contest of feature films, documentaries, TV-films, TV-programs and topics about journalists and various aspects of this profession, going on the air in 2010-2011.

Bashkortostan will be presented at the festival by the producer center “The Whole of Ufa” with the films from the series “Wide Interview”: “The Interview with Sergey Mayorov” and “Interview with Svetlana Sorokina”. The demonstration is scheduled on October 18.

Besides several “round tables”, discussions and master-classes will be organized within the frames of the forum, lasting till October 22. The exhibitions “They shot for Motherland – military reporters from the scenes of events” and “Don't shoot the journalists – the gallery of the memory to the  lost journalists” will be opened in the foyer of the Journalists House during the festival.