16 October 2011, Sunday, 10:43

Bashkir farmers entertain honey to Muscovites at “Golden Autumn-2011”

author: Galya Nabieva

The bee-keepers from Bashkiria presented their bee-products at the most important agricultural forum of the country. The guests of “Golden Autumn-2011” estimated the taste of real Bashkir honey, visiting the stylized jurt of the family of Khakhitdinovs from Bashkortostan.

Today is the day for visitors at the forum and for Muscovites it becomes the harvest day and they came to the Bashkir stand to buy honey, horse milk and souvenirs. The whole territory of the all-Russian Exhibition Center became a fair square with the exotic carts, full with vegetables, fruits and other products.

The initiative of the family of Khakhitdinovs, taking up the call of the regional administration to go to Moscow and take part in “Golden Autumn-2011”, should become a challenge for many other Bashkir farmers. The bee-keepers from Bashkiria should conquer the capital of Russia, filling the brand “Bashkir Honey” with real essence, forcing the dealers, selling false Bashkir honey, from the local market.