13 October 2011, Thursday, 16:30

Ufa Eparchy organizes pilgrimages to Athos

author: Ludmila Ternovaya

Within the period between October 26 and November 2 the Ufa Eparchy organizes a pilgrimage to Athos. The amount of the donation makes up 36 thousand rubles. The action is considered traditional and organized by the Eparchy already for the second time in 2011. Athos is located in Eastern Greece and represents an independent state, monasteries and churches of Athos are carefully kept nowadays.

The main peculiarity of the trip is that only men may take part in it. The article 186 of the local Regulations says that in accordance with the ancient tradition it is prohibited for any female to enter the peninsular of the Holy Peak and only men, practicing any religion, are admitted but for that one has to receive special permit.

themes: religion