12 October 2011, Wednesday, 14:57

Immunization against flu is actively running in Bashkortostan

author: Alfia Agliullina

Immunization of population against seasonal flu started in Bashkortostan on September 15. The Bashkir division of the Federal Agency for Health and Consumer Rights reports at present time more than 395 thousand people are already inoculated in the Republic, including 389 thousand – at the expense of the federal budget and 6 thousand – at the expense of other sources. At the same time within the period between October 3 and 9 16 thousand people in Bashkortostan have fallen ill with acute respiratory diseases, including 68% of children at the age less than 14. As compared with the previous week the sickness rate dropped by 4,6% and no cases of flu were registered yet.

For today Bashkortostan is considered one of the regions, where immunization of people is running at full speed. It should be reminded that pupils, children at kindergartens, medics, elderly people and people, suffering from chronic diseases, are immunized at the expense of the federal exchequer first of all and Russian preparations “GRIPPOL PLUS” for children and “GRIPPOL” for adults are used in the course of the vaccination.

In a whole it is planned to inoculate 800 thousand people in Bashkortostan against seasonal flu at the expense of the federal budget within the frames of the National Immunization Calendar-2011, including 350 thousand kids.