12 October 2011, Wednesday, 11:09

New sorts of Bashkir cheeses are demonstrated at “Golden Autumn-2011”

author: Galya Nabieva

The presentation of the Bashkir exposition at the agricultural exhibition “Golden Autumn-2011” will take place on October 13. Republican producers intend to demonstrate wide assortment of foods, including new original sorts of milk products.

Thus, the series of the cheeses “Russian Patterns”, made by the Belebeevsky milk factory, is one of the novelties. At present time the factory produces 19 sorts of rennet bag cheeses. The factory's overall capacity makes up to 1000 tons of milk and 90 tons of cheeses daily. The taste of Bashkir cheeses is already highly estimated by citizens of Siberia, Volga and Ural zones and even of Kazakhstan.