10 October 2011, Monday, 15:23

A wide-scaled “anti-bag” action is held in Bashkortostan

author: Galina Bakshieva

The ecological action “The Planet without a Bag” has taken place in Ufa and the main goal was to demonstrate a good alternative to plastic bags to the citizens RB.

“Our century can be easily called “plastic”. For the last ten year the mankind has produced more plastic than ever before. Every year more than 65 million tons of polyethylene and 60 million tons of polypropylene is produced in the world. Plastic doesn't decompose and people have no idea how to treat it after use. All that leads to contamination of the environment, the death of forest zones around cities and to the death of human habitat. Huge heaps of waste drift in the oceans, making the islands , where the sorters will live soon. It is vitally important to draw people's attention to this problem now, offering them alternative sorts of packaging, for example, paper bags” — the leader of the regional public movement “ECO” Guzelle Latypova said to “Bashinform” .

Bashkortostan has become the first Russian region, where a wide-scaled sociological interrogation concerning possible abolition of plastic bags all over the country was initiated. The interrogation is conducted by the public movement “ECO”. The chairman of the State Duma committee for natural resources, nature management and ecology Eugene Tugolukov already supported the initiative of “ECO” concerning introduction of the bill, aimed at either complete or partial abolition of plastic bags, for consideration by the Russian State Duma. It is expected that 6-10% of citizens RB will take part in the questioning. Further the initiative will be adopted by other Russian regions. The results of the questioning will be analyzed and included into the bill, found under preparation now.