07 October 2011, Friday, 16:13

Public transport of Ufa can be found on Yandex Maps now

author: Galina Bakshieva

The service “Yandex Maps” has learned to build traffic routes in the capital of Bashkortostan, using public transport, and now one can easily get to know how to get fr om one point of Ufa to another without car. At that “Yandex Maps” is able to take all kinds of public transport into account: trams, trolley-buses and buses. Setting the initial and the final destination points the user receives either one or several optimal routes. Besides, the service takes the transport speed, the number of changes and other parameters into account. By the way, Yandex builds the routes through the center of Ufa taking the new traffic scheme, implemented in the city one month ago, into account.

The traffic router works not just in “Yandex Maps” but with the application under the same name for the gadgets on “Android” platform, allowing building the routes irrespective wh ere the user is located. One may download mobile Yandex maps in Android Market absolutely free.

The possibility to build the motor-car routes in Ufa appeared on “Yandex maps” one week ago. Now both drivers and pedestrians may plan the trips around the city.