05 October 2011, Wednesday, 14:27

Banks are recommended to place the logo “All deposits insured” on their cards

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

The plastic cards with the logo “All deposits insured” are released in Russia and the logo is called to remind the cardholders that their means on the bank cards are found under protection of the state.

The state corporation “The Deposit Insurance Agency” (ACB) made this step within the frames of the program for raising the population’s financial competence. For the first time in the history of obligatory insurance the logo “All deposits insured” was placed on the cards, issued by the bank “Russian Capital”, owned by ACB.

“Hitherto the banks – the participants of the deposit insurance system – placed this logo mainly in their working apartments, meant for servicing their depositors, and in their advertising materials. In order to show that the means on the “plastic” accounts are protected by the system the Agency recommends the banks to place this logo on their bank cards too” – the press-service of the state corporation reports.

After introduction of the deposit insurance system in Russia in 2004 all deposits of natural persons in the banks, being the participants of the system, are considered insured and in case of bankruptcy or any other insurance case the state guarantees the citizens that their means will be returned. The maximal compensation rate on one account makes up 700 thousand rubles and 903 of 933 banks, working on the territory of Russia, are the participants of the deposit insurance system.