05 October 2011, Wednesday, 13:24

The most dangerous productions are determined in Bashkortostan

author: Galina Bakshieva

Processing productions, building and agriculture are considered the most dangerous branches in the Republic and the share of the accidents with grave consequences make up there more than 25, 18 and 16% correspondingly.

Slightly more than 13% of industrial accidents fall on transport and communication. The share of accidents in other branches of industry is noticeably lower.

Thus, 5% of industrial accidents fall on sphere of education and transactions with immovable property. The accidents with grave consequences in trade and other spheres make up just 4%. 3% fall on health protection and public management. In such branches of economics as mining operations, production and distribution of electric energy, gas and water 2 and 1% are registered correspondingly, the State Labor Inspectorate in Bashkortostan reports.