04 October 2011, Tuesday, 12:38

Modernization of weather stations starts in Bashkortostan

author: Galina Bakshieva

New equipment is installed at the Republican weather stations and till the end of the year about 40 automated weather complexes, able to make all calculations more precise and to receive weather data from hard-to-access territories, will be installed.

As the deputy head of the Bashkir Dept for hydrometeorology and environment monitoring weather forecasts department Ludmila Vafina says, 20 automated weather stations are installed in the region at present time or approximately a half of what they really need. Modernization of weather stations is rather expensive process, so the deliveries of new equipment run gradually. The means for that are allocated by the federal exchequer.

“A certain movement forward is present, though it is not as quick as we’d like it to be” –Ludmila Vafina says.

Besides, the Bashkir Dept for hydrometeorology and environment monitoring is busy with designing of its own weather site now. The site is planned to start working already in the end of the year. It won’t contain long-term and, as a rule, rarely coming true forecasts. The site will contain weather forecasts just for the nearest three days ahead.