02 October 2011, Sunday, 13:39

11 new memorable coins will be issued in Russia on October 3

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

The Central Bank of Russia puts 11 new coins in circulation on October 3, 2011. Ten coins are made of precious metals, including the 2-ruble silver coin from the series “Prominent Persons of Russia”, devoted to the 300th anniversary of Michael Lomonosov’s birthday, the 3-ruble silver coin “The Year of Spain in Russia and the Year of Russia in Spain”, the 3-ruble silver coin “Lunar Calendar” and the coins of the series “Let’s Preserve Our World” with the middle-Asian leopard on the front side: three silver coins (3, 25 and 100 rubles) and four golden ones (50,100, 200 and 10000 rubles).

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