29 September 2011, Thursday, 11:55

The biggest in the region meat-processing workshop is planned to open in Bashkortostan

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

Opening of a meat-processing center in Bashkortostan will become an incentive for development of food productions in a whole, as the Minister of economic development RB Eugene Mavrin stated at today’s press-conference.

“At present time we are working over very interesting investment project. According to this project big meat-processing centers, aimed at pig-breeding, will be opened in three regions of Bashkortostan, including the modern slaughter room, having no analogues either in the Republic or in the nearby regions” – the Minister reported.

As for the Bashkir agricultural complex in a whole, certain revival is observed in the branch in 2011 but no considerable growth is expected in the nearest future – the progress is forecasted on the level of about 2% per year, while in industry this figure should amount to approximately 5-6%.