28 September 2011, Wednesday, 19:44

Rustem Khamitov signed the law about free parceling for families with many children and families, bringing up children with disabilities

author: Sergey Zakharov

On September 28 the President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov signed the law “The alteration of the law RB “Regulation of land relations in Republic of Bashkortostan”. The public affairs service of the President RB reports the law presumes one-time and free parceling for individual house-building for the citizens, having three and more minors. The citizens, bringing up children with disabilities, also have the right for free parceling. In accordance with the law urban citizens will receive the ground areas, found either within the territory of the town or in adjacent regions. Rural citizens will be provided with the ground areas on the territory of the region they live on.