28 September 2011, Wednesday, 12:15

Small enterprises will receive free access to electronic public contracts

author: Lubov Kolokolova

As soon as the electronic auctions become free of charge for small business, the number of the participants per one lot will increase by 20-25%, the experts believe. The “Unified Electronic Site”, where the public contracts are placed, abolishes the payment, collected from the winner of the auction with the initial contractual price up to 100 thousand rubles, the federal portal of small and medium business undertakings reports.

Since 2009 the e-auctions became obligatory for purchasing activity of state and municipal institutions. According to the federal law N94, which defines the order of trade procedures, the payment is collected from the e-auction winner and the amount of such payment can’t be more than three thousand rubles.

According to information of the “Unified Electronic Site” analytical center the average index in the e-auctions with the initial contractual price up to 100 thousand rubles made up 3,6 participants per one lot in 2011.