27 September 2011, Tuesday, 17:09

The city portal www.Ufa1.ru issued the map of traffic troubles

author: Ekaterina Churakova

The database of the most unpleasant and dangerous roads of Ufa is made for the convenience of the drivers. The map is prepared by the site www.Ufa1.ru on the base of the information service “Yandex Maps”.

The “Map of traffic troubles” contains all troubles the drivers can face on the roads of Ufa: the information on dangerous places, incorrectly installed, badly visible and even contradictory to each other road signs, disputable traffic lane markings, the most frequent places of traffic police dislocations and the places, where video-and photo cams are installed.

“According to our statistics about 30% of all traffic accidents occur because of poor knowledge of exact placing of road signs and traffic lane markings” – the Federation of Car Owners of Russia in Republic of Bashkortostan comments. The Federation is the co-author of the interactive map. The initiators are certain that it is impossible to remember all road signs. Besides, the services, responsible for installation of the road signs, often make mistakes themselves. The “Map of traffic troubles” should become a good help for the drivers.

One may become acquainted with the Top100 of the most unpleasant roads of Ufa on the Ufa auto-site www.102km.ru.

themes: traffic, safety