27 September 2011, Tuesday, 15:36

The average salary in Bashkortostan will reach 18500 rubles by the end of 2011

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

By the end of this year the average salary in Bashkortostan will increase on one thousand rubles. At present time it is equal to 17500 rubles.

“According to our calculations the average salary has to reach 18500 rubles by the end of 2011 – by 15% more than in 2010” – the Minister of economic development RB Eugene Mavrin stated in the course of today’s press-conference – “We have all prerequisites to say so”.

According to M-r Mavrin on September 1, 2011, Republican economics is developing itself rather stably and for today the increase of the gross regional product reaches 6,6%, as compared with the beginning of the year, while in Russia this figure is equal to 4,5% on average. The index of industrial production is also rather high – 109%.

“Our processing productions are quite loaded and two problematic branches – building and agriculture – also demonstrate all signs of revival”.

As for the unstable situation in the global financial markets, M-r Mavrin says it will hardly adversely affect the economics of the region.

“Alteration of the ruble exchange rate will affect the external economic balance but it isn’t so serious within the frames of the overall amount of our economics. Our traditional position on the external trade circulation was ten billion rubles. In 2011 we see 12,5 billion, i.e. certain growth”.