23 September 2011, Friday, 15:49

The best Russian trader will receive the prize at one million rubles

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

The contest “The best private investor-2011” starts in Russia. The acceptance of claims will begin on September 26.

Participants of the contests will compete in the art of trade on the sites of two biggest Russian exchanges – MICEX and RTS. Any participant of the auctions, registered by MICEX and RTS, may take part in the battle as a private person and for that one has to fill the application on the contest’s site www.investor.micex.ru and to submit it to the broker.

The participants, gaining the maximal profit from the transactions in the course of the contest, will be rewarded with the rank “The best private investor-2011” and with the prize at one million rubles. 500 thousand rubles will be presented for the second place and 250 thousand – for the third.

The best trader will be also determined in the category “Profitability” with the prize at 500 thousand rubles (participants will be ranked by relative profitability in percents).

The winners will be also determined in several other nominations with the prizes at the rate of 150 thousand rubles.

The ranks “The best broker-2011” and “The best manager-2011” will be also given within the frames of the contest.