23 September 2011, Friday, 15:08

Constantine Tolkatchev: “The prospects of our future progress will be determined at the congress of “United Russia”

author: Sergey Zakharov

“The XII “United Russia” congress is considered one of the key ones. It will analyze what has been done and the prospects of our future progress will be determined” – the speaker of the Republican parliament, the chairman of “United Russia” Bashkir division’s political council Constantine Tolkatchev stated today in the lobby.

“As soon as Russia is announced a social-legal state by the Russian Constitution, it is quite clear that special attention will be paid to the social policy, conducted by the state” – he underscored.

He has also mentioned that the present congress is the most wide-scaled by the number of its participants.

“I think that we will pass the program, which is approved by Russian population, the program, which one can move forward with and which really reflects the interests of the nation and further development of the state” – Constantine Tolkatchev said.

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