21 September 2011, Wednesday, 14:45

Construction programs of Bashkir cities can be watched in internet

author: Timur Rakhmatullin

The chairman of the state building and architecture committee RB Khalit Makhmudov introduced the bill “The alteration of the law RB “Regulation of town-planning activity in Republic of Bashkortostan” to the deputies of the Republican parliament today. As he explained, the amendments concern the problems of territorial planning first of all. The authorities have to provide the access to the territorial planning documentation in internet.

“The bill presumes that the projects of the Republican town-panning norms are subject to be placed on the official site of Republic of Bashkortostan at least two months before their official approval” – he said – “The Republican town-planning norms are approved by the Bashkir Government taking the proposals of the municipalities, located within the borders of the Republic, into account”.

The deputies passed the bill in the first reading.