20 September 2011, Tuesday, 10:31

Leo Bokeria called the exposition of Bashkortostan unique

author: Galina Bakshieva

The exposition of Bashkortostan aroused high interest at the VII all-Russian forum “The Health of Nation is the Base for Prosperity of Russia”. The chief cardiologist of the country, famous scientist, the President of the all-Russian public organization “The League of Nation Health” Leo Bokeria called the exhibits from Bashkortostan unique and said many thanks to the representatives of the Republic for the reasoning of the Bashkir exposition.

We have to remind that the Ministry of nature management and ecology RB opened its own exposition within the frames of the forum in the Moscow Central Exhibition Hall “Manege”. Here the project of the automated system for control over atmospheric air, the scheme and directions in activity of the specially protected natural territories in Bashkortostan and the project for erection of combustion and garbage-sorting plants were demonstrated. Besides, the Ministry of health protection RB also presented its own exposition at the forum.