19 September 2011, Monday, 18:15

Budget of Bashkortostan is executed with proficiency in January-August 2011

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

For eight months of 2011 the consolidated budget RB is executed with proficiency at 13715,7 million rubles. Its supply amounts to 89535,0 million rubles and the items of expense – to 75819,3 million rubles, making up correspondingly 110,8 and 113,7% as compared with the last year level.

The Ministry of finances of Bashkortostan reports personal income tax and profit tax have become the main sources for filling the budget – 20423,8 million rubles (28,8% of the overall sum of tax and non-tax intakes) and 20341,1 million rubles (28,7%) correspondingly. Excises made up the sum of 8826,4 million rubles (12,4%) and property tax – 7558,1 million (10,7%).

The social constituent prevails in the structure of expenses. The share of expenses for budget salaries, various pensions, doles etc, acquisition of medicines, foods and other measures of social support exceeds 75%.

The supply of the budget of Bashkortostan is executed in the sum of 72863,0 million rubles (110,8% to the same period of time in 2010) and the items of expenses – 61733,6 million rubles (115,1%).

The incomes of local budgets amounted to 37346,6 million rubles (115,9%) and expenses – 34760,4 million (114,6%).

themes: budget, taxes