19 September 2011, Monday, 15:27

Governmental commission for support of the top priority investment project to work in Bashkortostan

author: Lubov Kolokolova

The first gathering of the governmental commission for consideration and advancement of the top priority investment projects has taken place in Ufa in the House of the Government RB on September 19. The gathering was headed by the deputy Prime-Minister of the Republican Government, the Minister of industry and innovational policy Marat Mulukov.

“The governmental commission is established for optimization of the order for consideration and advancement of the top priority investment projects” – the Vice-Premier said – “And attraction of investments to the Republican economics and bringing the investment projects to the final stage will be its final goal”.

For that the governmental commission has to perform several expert arrangements: it has to determine the register of the top projects, to start working over registration of lands and development of engineering and transport infrastructure for the future projects.

“After reaching the positive decision concerning the assumed investment project the commission has to make all necessary work on signing the cooperation agreement between the investor and the Bashkir Government” – Marat Mulukov said.

According to him the meetings of the governmental commission will be held at least once per quarter.