19 September 2011, Monday, 12:48

Arab sheikhs hold meetings with Bashkir Muslims

author: Timur Rakhmatullin

The pedagogues from the Islamic college by Miriam Sultanova, the sheiks Abdulkarim, Al-Arabi, Abdrazak and Alavi – the experts in sphere of Islamic law, arriving in Ufa from the International University “Al-Azkhar” (Cairo, Egypt), hold regular meetings with the Bashkir Muslims, answering their questions. The meetings are organized by the Islamic college and local Muslim communities.

The sheikhs have already visited several mosques in Ufa and nearby regions. The last meeting has taken place in the mosque in the village SHINGAK-KUL, CHISHMINSKY region of Bashkortostan. The believers were interested in hajj and in some religious riots.

As the sheikh Al-Rabi said, answering the questions of the congregation, he and his colleagues base themselves exclusively on the sentences from Koran. The most frequent questions concern either worships or different movements in Islam.

In the end of every meeting the sheikhs urge the congregation to be the people of high morality, strive for secular and religious education, demonstrating diligence and, if necessary, patience for the good of the whole society. All meetings are finished with the traditional tea drinking.

themes: religion