16 September 2011, Friday, 11:11

The plant for recycling of worn-out tires is put into exploitation in Neftekamsk

author: Marina Shumilova

The plan for recycling of worn-out tires – the company “Triumph” – is solemnly put into exploitation in Neftekamsk, Bashkortostan, within the frames of “United Russia” Days in our Republic. This plant, working on the technology of deep (100%) processing of worn-out general mechanical rubber goods into a rubber crumb and other wares without dangerous atmospheric emissions will become the first in Bashkortostan and the fourth in Russia (similar enterprises work in Perm, the town of Tchaikovsky and in Novosibirsk region).

The amount of investments makes up more than 100 million rubles. The plant is meant for recycling of six thousand tons of staff annually (about 20 tons of old tires is necessary daily). The rubber crumb, metal and textile cord can be widely used in national economy, starting from using the rubber crumb in production of asphalt for increase of its service life and finishing with using it as a filling agent in drilling works.

70 new workplaces will be opened at the plant.